Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 9: 1-9-11

Mmm...I love cereal! I could eat it for every meal of the day if I wanted. I want you to look closely at this picture, it's not just any ordinary bowl of cereal with a drip of milk beside it. This was a total accident with spilling the milk on the counter but I thought it was awesome! The milk splatted all by it's self and formed this circle with 8 dots of milk around half of it.

Day 8: 1-8-11

I actually took this picture myself with a tripod and remote prior to the snow we got in the valley. I love this picture because Jack looks so tiny and he was such a good sport to look at the camera.

Day 7: 1-7-11

Almost every Thursday night we go over to Bri's parents house for dinner and catch up on all our tv shows we've missed that week. Thank goodness for Tivo! I love how we don't have to watch any commercials. But of course Jack doesn't get this tired from watching tv, he gets this tired after playing with Max & Missy. He loves playing with them and has a blast! He does a little puppy wine when we pull up in front of their house in our car. It's hilarious to watch them play especially when Jack picks on Max. Max is usually the alpha male but not when Jack is around.

Day 6: 1-6-11

If you are following my 365 photo project you will see a ton of pictures of Jack because I love him so much and I love his curiosity to exploring new things.

Have you ever wondered what dogs are thinking or what they would say to you? I wonder all the time! I caught Jack off guard in this picture! haha He was sound asleep when I found him. I started edging my way closer with my camera and then he slowly opened his eyes just in time for me to snap the shot. I think his thoughts in this photo would be something similar to "Are you serious?"

Day 5: 1-5-11

Jack is no longer afraid of the snow! I use to have to shovel him paths in the back yard for him to even go outside. Now he absolutely LOVES it! He is so much fun to watch when we get fresh snow because he runs as fast as he can throughout the back yard! The only down fall is when he's ready to come inside he has little snowballs all over in his fur.

Day 4: 1-4-11

Our Little Jack

Day 3: 1-3-11

Our little Jack opening his first Christmas gift, officially on Christmas Day. He wasn't so sure about what he should do with it because the day before he had actually unwrapped one of his bones that was under the tree by himself and thought that was the coolest thing ever. It was so funny because he thought he'd get in trouble for opening these toys.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2: 1-2-11

I've been a little slow at posting the pictures for this project but I have actually been taking them daily.

This was our "First Christmas" being married. It was a lot of fun decorating the house with all the Christmas decorations, it made the house feel very "homie". As of January 9, the Christmas decorations are still up! I believe why we haven't taken the Christmas stuff down is because we are afraid it will feel empty and like no one loves this home. Hopefully we will get it all down this week and I know eventually we will acquire more things to help make our house feel more "homie" but it is only a matter of time between our busy lives.

Day 1: 1-1-11

Here's my first photo! Yes, I am sort of cheating because we actually took this family photo prior to 2011 but I love my family and wanted to start it off right. Now I just need to get a picture with Brian's family to post and it would be perfect! We took this picture with a tripod and remote so we could all be in the picture. As you can see it worked out perfectly! Thanks to Brian for all his help!


I can't believe it's a new year already!! This last year flew by and has got me thinking really hard on a New Year's resolution. I've come to conclude that I am going to attempt the 365 day project of photography. The 365 project of photography is where you document a year of your life by taking a photo daily. Over the year I will build a picture portfolio of the little day to day things that make my life so special and unique.

Here's to an awesome year ahead of us 2011!!